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Suited for Prayer!
January 8, 2018

To my Church family and friends,

Welcome to a new year, I am excited to begin this new season of life with you at Ottawa FBC. In 2018, I am inviting the church to come together for a year of prayer, a season entitled “Suited for Prayer”. In these first few weeks, I am going to invite us, through a series of sermons, to come with courage and strength into prayer. We will walk with Joshua for two weeks as he brings Israel into the Promised Land and enters battle at Jericho. We will explore the Armor of God in Ephesians 6, as well as the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. There will be opportunities to engage in prayer through small intimate groups, but also as a larger church body. My hope is that through prayer and intentional conversations, we can grow together as a congregation and our hearts would be united in ways that we can make a tangible difference in our community. We are called, as the people of God, to spread the gospel and create opportunities for God to transform lives through love and service. Prayer is the source of the wisdom, energy and unity to accomplish that task.

We are offering a discipleship class in January and early February called, “What You Do Best in the Church”. This series will offer you the opportunity to explore your spiritual gifts, but also your God-given passions, ministry style, and experiences. The theme, “Suited for Prayer”, is founded in Ephesians 6, which describes the armor of God, given to be utilized in prayer and ministry. 

In the season of Lent, we will be exploring the spiritual disciplines and how we can use those for personal growth, interpersonal growth and outreach. We will also be continuing our prayer emphasis through experiential prayer opportunities, like a prayer labyrinth and the Stations of the Cross.

Throughout the year, I am also inviting different non-profit groups in the Ottawa area to come and share with us about how they serve the community and the needs they see around us. So many of our church family are at work in the community, and many of us have no clue! In these brief sharing’s, I hope we can learn more about the needs for God’s Kingdom to thrive in Ottawa and ignite passions for ways we can make a tangible difference in our community for God. If you are part of a ministry or non-profit in the community and want to share, please speak with me about an opportunity.

I ask that we, as a church, invest ourselves in this effort; that our hearts and minds would seek God’s guidance so we would make a difference. Please consider taking part in prayer groups, spiritual growth groups and discussion. God is already at work in our community; He is calling us to be a part of the harvest! Join us! 

Blessings and courage, 

Pastor Jessica



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