'Blended Worship' Letter to the Congregation
April 26, 2018
Dear Church Family, 
There has been a lot of discussion around and confusion about what “Blended Worship” is…what does it look like…what does it mean? So, we wanted to share what that is, and what you should expect to see as we work more and more on doing “Blended Worship” better.
Blended worship is, as the name suggests, a blending together of different worship styles. The beauty and strength of blended worship is that people from varied preferences, backgrounds, experiences, generations, etc. can come together and participate in worship together and all get a bit of what they feel comfortable with in worship. The stretching aspect of blended worship is that we also have to be willing to hear and participate in pieces that may not be comfortable for us or may not be what we would prefer. However, if we can have the faith to believe that this potential discomfort can be a blessing and a spiritual sacrifice for the growth of God’s Kingdom, then we can come to realize it is in the diversity and willingness to share the worship experience that we get to experience a wide variety of relationships, learn various ways God is reaching people in our community, appreciate the vastness of God’s love and reach and also pass along our own traditions and things that are important to us in worship to those who might not otherwise experience them. 
At First Baptist, in blended worship, you will find that every Sunday, there will be purely traditional pieces of music coming to us on the organ…hymns we know well, choir anthems, and instrumental pieces. Every Sunday, there will also be contemporary pieces coming to us from the Praise Band utilizing a variety of instruments with music you will often hear on KLove and other Christian radio stations. The Praise Band will also share instrumental pieces and special music offerings. Each week, there will also be a blending of all these instruments together to bring blended songs. What we want to make clear is that we will never abandon any of these worship styles, and that every week there will be some of each so everyone can worship in a way comfortable to them. 
In addition, in blended worship, there is a flexibility to worship; all these worship styles will be present—they will not always be in the same place or amount, but they will always be represented. Different songs fit in different places in worship; the worship leaders work very hard every week to consider the scripture we are basing our theme on, what music fits best with that scripture and how all of these pieces work best together to bring us before the throne of God. We will continue to utilize important pieces each week, like the Lord’s Prayer, the offering, children’s sermon, pastoral prayer and the invitation. Sometimes, pieces on the stage will be in different places to facilitate whatever special pieces the worship leaders have to bring that day. Please don’t worry, those pieces will move again…it is all part of the flexibility of bringing creativity into worship. What is important to understand is our focus and our goal is to provide a worship service where as many as possible can come together, encounter God and be moved back out into the world to share the gospel. Everyone is important to us, of every generation, every background and every place. We work hard to make sure everyone is cared for as we embrace unity in our differences.
If you have questions about blended worship, creative ideas about ways we can better reach our community or interest in participating in worship, please reach out to the Worship Committee, a Council Member or Pastor Jessica. We would love to hear about what you are excited about in worship, the places where you are learning and growing and the ways in which we can better reach our community!
Please remember that YOU ARE LOVED, APPRECIATED AND VALUED! Thank you for being a part of the First Baptist community. We look forward to the plans God has for us!
Blessings and courage,
Worship Leaders of First Baptist Church—
Jessica Henks, Pastor
Audean Paul, Chair—Worship Committee
Phyllis Cunningham—Church Council Moderator
Sharla Testorff, Praise Team Coordinator
Joel Steelman, Chancel & Bell Choir Director
Birthday Card Shower for Betty Bloomer's 95th Birthday
April 26, 2018

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Bloomer will celebrate her 95th birthday May 18th. Her family has asked First Baptist to help her celebrate with a card shower! Betty’s address is: Wellsville Manor and Rehab Center; 304 W. 7th St.; Wellsville, KS  66092.

Community Annoucements
April 26, 2018

Hope House is in need of VOLUNTEERS, canned tuna, jelly, canned fruit and tooth paste. You can leave your donations in the chest located near the north entrance door to the sanctuary/parlor.

A Mother/Daughter Tea fundraiser for Green Prom, an organization that repurposes old prom dresses, is Saturday, May 19th, 1:00-3:00 p.m. in Elliott Hall. Advance tickets are $10 or $15 that day. Call 248-1557 for more information.