Congregational Brunch
September 27, 2017

An all Church brunch will be held October 22nd to share what God is doing in and through our congregation. If you started attending First Baptist recently, please attend the brunch to find out what new Small Groups will be beginning soon, how you can get involved and what you can do to get any questions answered you might have about the history of the American Baptist denomination and how it applies to us here at FBC-Ottawa. The meal will take place following the worship service (10:45ish) in Elliott Hall.

Braving Discipleship Volunteers Needed
September 27, 2017

Volunteer are needed to assist with the Braving meal First Baptist will host Saturday evening, November 4th. The menu for the evening meal is tacos. Donations of ground beef, chips and taco toppings would be appreciated. Host families are also needed for out-of-town youth to shower and change their clothing. Please contact Angela Audiss if you feel led to help out or wish to provide food for the meal, 418-7597.

Our New Logo
September 27, 2017

LogoChurch Council approved First Baptist’s new logo recently. The logo features our mission statement with icons representing each piece of the statement. You will be seeing the logo around the Church building as well as on printed information to help members focus on what First Baptist is all about!