Areas of involvement for the Staff Relations Committee will include, but not be limited to: improve the pastor, staff and member relationships in order to bring about a mutuality of ministry; resolve unfruitful conflict; assist the church with its mission; serve as an advisory group to the pastor(s); bring concerns of the congregation to the pastor(s) and the concerns of the pastor(s) to the congregation; understand the role of ministry; maintain communication between pastor(s), staff and the congregation; review compensation for pastor(s) and staff; counsel pastor(s) regarding continuing education, develop and implement fair and just personnel practices and assist in employment or departure of staff.

Membership shall consist of five members serving two-year terms: two shall be appointed by the Nominating Committee on behalf of the Congregation, one appointed by the Church Council and two appointed by the pastor. The members shall serve on a rotating basis. After serving two terms (four years), a person must be off the committee at least one year before reelection or reappointment. The committee shall elect one of its members as chairperson. The committee shall meet at least quarterly.