1.  Stated Congregational meetings shall be held quarterly during the months of January, April, July, and October with notice of the action being published in the first edition of the Official publication of the church in the above months. The January meeting shall be designated as "Annual Meeting". Time and place of these meetings shall be established by the Church Council. Notice shall be given in the Official publication of the church to the membership of the agenda of all business meetings two weeks prior to the meeting, except for receiving members and/or granting letters of transfer.

   2.   The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least eleven members as follows: One member selected by each of the six standing committees, although not necessarily a member of the committee, the four most recently retired Church Council members (not including the high school or college age deacon), and the pastor as an ex-officio member. The Moderator will convene the first meeting of the Nominating Committee, at which time the committee will elect a chairperson. This body will be confirmed by the Church Council at its July meeting. Its duties shall be to nominate at least one candidate for the elected positions of the Church  Council to be presented to the church membership at the October Quarterly Business Meeting, at which time the election will be held. (Vacancies in the elected Church Council will be elected by the Council to fill the term until the next election.) All members of the church are eligible for nomination. The Church Council positions to be elected by vote of the congregation each year will be selected from a ballot. In preparing the ballot from which the congregation elects the Deacons to serve on the Church Council, the Nominating Committee will keep in mind that the elected members of the Council represent the entire congregation and serve in a general manner. Those Chairpersons who are elected by the congregation are chosen for their expertise in specific areas and serve in a more special manner. This ballot shall be made public at least two weeks before the election.

   3.   Any member of the church, by presenting a petition containing fifteen names or more of church members, may, by filing the same with the chairperson of the Nominating Committee, have this name placed on the ballot.

   4.   The Nominating Committee will leave blank spaces on the ballot and nominations may be made orally from the floor at the time of the election, and persons desiring to vote for candidates nominated from the floor may use the blank spaces for the purpose of casting their vote for such candidates. Nominations made from the floor in this manner must have the consent of the nominee.

   5.   After the October elections, the newly constituted Church Council will hold organizational meetings as necessary to have all positions elected by the Church Council filled by January 1, at which time the new Council and Standing Committees will replace the retiring Council and Committees. During these organizational meetings, the new Council will elect the new Standing Committees.

   6.   The Annual meeting will be held in January of the new year on a date selected by the retiring Council. The purpose, in part, will be to approve a budget for the new year. The new budget proposed by the Church Council shall be published in the same edition of the Official publication of the church as the notice for the Annual meeting. The vote to adopt the church budget shall be accomplished by written ballot.

   7.   The program for the annual meeting will be arranged by the Pastor and Moderator or, in the absence of the Pastor, by the Church Council.

   8.    Meetings for worship, evangelism, study, or for other functions relevant to the total program of the church may be arranged by the Pastor in consultation with the Church Council, whose decision may be subject to a vote of the church upon the demand of any member in a business meeting of the church.

   9.     All members of the church in full and regular standing are privileged to vote.

 10.   For all congregational votes during business meetings, any tie will be resolved by the Church Council.

 11.  The rules of order will be determined by Roberts' Rules, latest edition.

 12.   The financial records of the church shall be audited annually as directed by the Church Council.

 13.   The church budget, having been prepared by the Stewardship Committee and having been recommended by the Church Council, shall be approved by written ballot by a majority vote of the members of the congregation present at the annual meeting, or any special meeting called for the purpose of adopting the budget.

 14.   To conduct business, the Church Council must have a majority of its members present.

 15.  The Church Council is responsible to report its activities to the congregation regularly.

 16.   The official publication of the church shall be its regularly published newsletter(s) that are mailed to a master mailing list of the congregation kept by the church office. 

17.   Policy statements created by the Church Council and the six standing committees will guide the actions of the church staff and volunteers in the day to day business of the church.  Policy statements of the committees are to be reviewed and considered by the Church Council. These policy statements may be considered and revised at any regular meeting of the Church Council.


Adopted January 23, 2000
Last Amended September 5, 2007