Thank You Notes

*Dear First Baptist Church: We want to send out our thanks to the Church and congregation for hosting the reception after Andy’s funeral service. As well thanks to our  friends who prepared the delicious food. The reception was a great time of celebrating and unity of strength for our families. Thank you for making that possible!
Wendy & Leah Southard, The Walker family & The Southard family

*“...God loves a cheerful giver.” II Corinthians 9:7
Dear First Baptist: Thank you for your donation of 79 pounds of food. Your help is keeping the pantry filled for the winter is deeply appreciated.                                              God Bless….Hope House

*To my most wonderful, amazing and awesome friends and family at First Baptist Church of Ottawa, KS!!!: Audrey and I are overwhelmed with the expressions of LOVE and appreciation that have come over the last few months. We have been so blessed by you all in so many ways. Thank you so much for welcoming me into FBC’s ministry over the last five years. We love you all very much and appreciate your prayers as well as your support in this new chapter of ministry in Jesus’ name. You all remain in our hearts and thoughts and we pray for you all often.                                            In Christ…..David & Audrey Glavin

*Dear FBC: Thanks so much to those who contributed to the meal for Braving Discipleship. We served approximately 80 students. Your generosity was received with sincere gratitude. Another way you have reached beyond our walls to the community around you.        
                                                                   In His Grip...Angela Audiss