Thank You Notes

Dear First Baptist Church Family:

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the cards and personal expressions directed our way as we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary!  We are richly blessed as we share in the ongoing ministry and mission of FBC-Ottawa! We thank YOU for your gracious expressions of love and encouragement.

Warren & Jane Smith

Dear Church Family:

The Outreach Committee wishes to thank all those who helped with the Car Show Cruise. Approximately 400 sticks of cotton candy and 300 bags of popcorn were passed out—WOW, what a way to connect with friends and strangers! It was a fun evening and without those who set-up, spun or popped, distributed and cleaned-up, it wouldn’t have been possible. We appreciate you all.                                                                      Outreach Committee

Dear First Baptist Church Family:


The Youth of First Baptist have returned home safely from the New Orleans Mission Trip. Thank you, everyone, who faithfully supported this mission the last two years! Your prayers and financial contributions are a blessing. The youth will be sharing their experiences Sunday during the worship service September 7th.


                                  Sincerely…FBC Mission Trip Group


Dear First Baptist Family:


I would just like to say thank you for your continued support and encouragement as I pursue my degree at Washburn. I appreciate your generosity for the scholarship and hope to see you all soon.    Sincerely, Avery LaGalle




Dear First Baptist Church family: The Outreach Committee wishes to thank everyone who volunteered in some capacity to assist with the Family Fun Carnival. We appreciate your dedication to FBC and its missions. Families had a great time and we pray they will seek to join us in worship, should they be looking for a faith community to share God’s grace and blessings.




“Giving is a true measure of love.”


Thank you for your donation of 20 pounds of food for our pantry. Your loyal support is greatly appreciated.


God Bless…Hope House


August 31st will be the last day Laura will be providing care for our little ones in the nursery. Please acknowledge and thank her for attending to the young children of the Church during the last two and a half years and wish her well in the future.

Dear First Baptist Church Family:

Karen, James, Susan and I want to thank you for coming to my 90th birthday celebration. Now I have many names in the guest book and many beautiful cards to cherish! It was one of the best days of my life thanks to your presence.

                      With loving appreciation, Harma McKenzie


Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you so much for the incredible gift of $520.00 collected at Vacation Bible Camp. The money will be used well to help children and youth to be the best they can be. I think it is amazing to think of children helping children. Each year Communities In Schools continues to advance its mission by surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Thank you so much for your support. Becky Nevergold, CIS


Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you for your continued support of Franklin County Habitat for Humanity. We are looking forward to a new build this summer. Thanks again for providing affordable homes for families.                                             Habitat for Humanity


“God loves a cheerful giver…” II Corinthians 9:7

Dear First Baptist: Thank you for your donation of 22 pounds of food. Its great having your help as we aid families feed their families this summer.        Hope House


Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you so much for letting us use Elliott Hall and classrooms for Fashion Revue and clothing and fiber-arts judging. We appreciate you kindness and thank you for your support of the Franklin County 4-H program.  Frontier Extension District


Dear First Baptist Church Family:


Dorothy Fitzgerald and her daughter, Carolee Cargile and Raylene Quaney, would like to thank you for honoring her during the 150th Anniversary celebration of First Baptist Church. She told us she felt like a celebrity and was thrilled to have so many old friends come up to say hello and share their memories with her. Since then her health has quickly failed and she has had to go to the Christian Care Cottage in Ottawa and will not be able to return to “her little apartment that she loved”. We ask you please keep her in your prayers. Again, thank you for your years of friendship and kindness….Dorothy, Carolee and Raylene




Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”                                                                          Matthew 5:9


Dear First Baptist: Thank you for your donation of 50 pounds of food and your semi-annual financial support donation. Your help is keeping the pantry filled and assisting people who face financial difficulties. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated……Hope House




Dear First Baptist Church: I want to greatly thank you for giving me a scholarship. It’s not just the money; it shows me everyone at FBC is supporting me and helping me follow my dreams. This assurance gives me the knowledge that God is going to be with me through the rough and winding road of college and He will support and protect me along the way. Thanks again for supporting me in my endeavors…..Joshua Charles




Dear Church Family: Many thanks to all who donated used jeans, sheets, fabric and strong arms to move furniture into room 204. We appreciate having a room of our own to make quilts for the homeless and families in need. Donations are still being accepted and if you are interested in helping, call Sandy Miller 418-0772 or Vickie Alderson 242-6229. Blessings….Faith Stitchers


To all of you who contributed to our Sesquicentennial Celebration from planning,  baking cookies, hosting receptions,  decorating,  making videos, making phone calls, taking special photos, supplying wonderful music, serving and cleaning; we are so grateful.  The theme: FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE was a wonderful reminder of what we are about, and with God's grace, we will continue to grow and serve.

Dear First Baptist Church:

We appreciate all of the support my family has received in the way of cards, visits, phone calls, support and prayers during the last few weeks with the death of my nephew and my dear mother. Continue to pray for my brother, Bill, who lost his best friend and mother. He will have the hardest time adjusting to the loss.                                         Cheryl Seymour family


Dear Caring Church Family: Thank you for your many acts of kindness during my physical ordeal.

                                                   Love, Gloria Terrill


Thank You First Baptist Church for putting on a wonderful lunch during Braving Discipleship.

Lauren Mena, Ashlyn Heitmann, Ethan Sullendier & Bud McCluney.


Dear First Baptist Church: The members and parents of the Rowdy Wranglers 4-H Club wish to thank you for the use of your facility. We held our traditional Thanksgiving dinner and meeting in Elliott Hall and it was wonderful. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.


You Know Who You Are…..A special THANK YOU to all who have helped rake and discard the many leaves that have fallen around the Church buildings. We appreciate your efforts in keeping our grounds looking so nice.


“Treat others as you want them to treat you.” Luke 6:31

Thank you for the 72 pounds plus of food you donated to our food pantry. Your thoughtfulness is great appreciated.                                             God Bless…..Hope House

*A special THANK YOU to all who have helped rake and discard the many leaves that have fallen around the Church buildings. We appreciate your efforts in keeping our grounds looking so nice.

Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you for your gift of five boxes to the Montgomery Community Church Used Book Depository. Recipients include Dr. Lama of CBCNEI, who will distribute what we send among eight Northeast India Baptist Seminaries, Rev. David Ford, retired Am. Baptist pastor who is building seminaries in the Philippines, and Missionary Duane Binkley to equip Bible schools among the Karens in Myanmar. Your donation will bless many Christians in other countries and enhance their ministries.    Polly Sedziol


Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you for your prayers, cards and support during this time of my recuperation. I plan to be back with you all very soon.  

Love, George & Dorothy Chaney


Dear Church family, individual family and friends: May each of you be granted the wonder of a happy, healthy 98th BIRTHDAY! Thanks for sharing mine. It made it a great day. In Christian love, Jessie Pratt


Dear Church family: Thank you for all the cards and calls during my recent surgery and recuperation. I especially enjoyed the visits from Joel and the Martins. I hope to back in worship very soon.  Love, Bertha Morgan


“Whoever, is faithful with little, is also faithful with much.”     Luke 16:10

Thank you for the 324 pounds of food donated for our pantry. Your loyal support to our ministry is deeply appreciated.        God Bless…..Hope House


SPECIAL THANKS to everyone involved with VBS this past week. Whether you donated craft items; food; your time; assisted with organization; served as a leader or volunteer; shared your music, craft, story-telling or game skills or prayed for all those in attendance; IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS BECAUSE OF YOU! We had approximately 150 children each day learning how to stand strong in God’s power with help from God’s love, family and friends, prayer, trusting God and the Bible. Thanks to Dawn Cubbison and Melissa Ashwill for being on the organization-side of the VBS Coop. The kids had a great time and you all made that possible!  


You serve meals each week and, without hesitation, collaborated with Christian Education to have the Teacher Appreciation Banquet. You went to extra effort to make the night special for everyone involved.  Thank you. Thank you for the meal. Thank you for the preparation and clean up. Thank you for serving us each and every week. You are appreciated!

A very special THANK YOU to Shanta’ Kemp and Miriam Lemp for covering the office during my absence last week as I prepared for the marriage of my daughter. I truly appreciate your willingness to take time out of your day to help keep everything running smoothly. You are a blessing to me! Natalie

Therese and I want to thank all of the faithful prayer warriors of First Baptist Church for their prayers, kind words, and precious cards during my brother Glen’s illness prior to and after his passing. Thank you to our Good Shepherd, Joel, for his visit and prayers as well. Your prayers have given much needed comfort to the Glen & Earl Payne families. God Bless each of you.
                                           In Christ’s love, Earl Payne
To Miriam Lemp and the members of the Diaconate:  The reception for new members was just great! For me, I enjoyed visiting those I knew and those I had not met before. I felt welcomed to First Baptist and my thanks to all.       Marge Baldwin
Dear FBC friends:
We give thanks for your church’s support of our shared ministries in our Region, our nation and around the world. Your contributions to United Missions help students to be educated, youth to hear the Gospel at camps and missionaries to serve on our behalf around the world. Because of your church’s extra effort, you are to be congratulated as one of the top 25 supporters of United Missions.    The Mission & Stewardship Vision Team of ABC/CR
“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.”         I Corinthians 12:4
Thank you for the eight bags of food for the food pantry. This is a great help to families this winter. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
               God Bless, Hope House
Dear Pastor Joel & members of First Baptist Church:
Thank you so very much for your visits, food and many prayers during my hospital stay and lengthy recovery. I am getting stronger each day. The Lord uses you all to encourage and strengthen the sick. All of your cards were a blessing, and I really appreciate you thinking of me and all of your prayers.              In Christ’s love, Joyce Pennala


Thank you to those who contributed to the AB Women’s White Cross project for Brown Indian Baptist Church. We sent them a $370 gift card for their ministry.


Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8


Thank you for the food for our pantry. Your help is greatly appreciated.           God Bless…Hope House




Thank you, Church family, for your support of the ABGIRLS Bake Sale. Everyone was very generous and we appreciate you continued support...ABGIRLS


To my Church family:  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the expressions of love and caring I have received these past difficult days. You are, without a doubt, a light in the darkness.


                       In Christian love……Eleanor Mullen




First Baptist Church:  Thank you once again for awarding me a scholarship for this, my senior year, at Ottawa Univ. My home Church has truly supported me religiously and academically throughout my college career. Thank you for allowing me to grow, not only at my university, but within the walls of my sanctuary. Many blessings to you all….Laurie White




To First Baptist Church: You have warmed my heart with the many ways you’ve shown your caring and sympathy. I’m so grateful…..Gloria Terrill




“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.”                                                                1 Corinthians 12:4


Thank you for the food for our food pantry. It’s nice to have the community working together to help those in needs. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.


                             God Bless……Hope House

Dearest Friends:
Thank you for your prayers and kind words. My family and I find comfort and strength in our faith and friends. We know my father is at peace and resting in God's loving arms. He lives on in our memories and the hope we will see him again.
                                                      Marylin Eichner


Please accept my deepest, joy-filled thanks for a wonderful summer at First Baptist. I am grateful for all the expressions of encouragement and affirmation.  Thanks for all the ways you took good care of me from meals in your homes and restaurants to gifts and other caring acts. Thanks also to the wonderful staff, council and committees. I have been blessed by this experience. May God continue to bless your ministry as you serve with each other as a river of love to Ottawa and through our combined mission to the Central Region, the United States and around the world.                         –Susan Gillies

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”    Matthew 5:9
Thank you for the Outreach donation of $750 and food for our food pantry. Your congregation is very generous. Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.                    God Bless…….Hope House



Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you so much for the scholarship! It helped out with buying my books for this semester. God Bless!       Kelli Doolittle




Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you very much for the $100 scholarship awarded to me. This will greatly help me in buying textbooks this semester. I greatly appreciate this financial aid. Thank you & God Bless!


                                          Katie Doolittle




Dear First Baptist Church: Thank you so much for your amazing collection of school supplies. I always feel humbled by the generosity of others. The children will be well supplied with the materials you have provided. We celebrate all the folks who made this happen. Again, thank you so much.


                     Communities In Schools/Becky Nevergold




I wish to thank you for all your effective prayer, visits and cards. I also thank my own family for their prayers and caring. The care I received in our hospital (RMH) was superb. I thank the doctors, nurses, the employees and volunteers who made my hospital stay (almost) enjoyable. May God bless each of you for my quick healing.                                                       Jessie Pratt

Thank you FBC for your support of AB Girls. We had eleven girls and two sponsors, Jenna Johnson and Jane Smith, attend the Praise Weekend at Crosswind. Many of you contributed toward this effort. The girls participated in a mission project, rolled bandages for a hospital in Congo, watched movie clips with discussion and enjoyed the pool and games. The ‘Red Carpet’ event was the highlight Saturday night; the young ladies looked fabulous in their formal dresses. Pictures can be seen on the website listed below. Watch for more information about a special
Back-To-School event in early August! Click on link     ABGirls



We would like to thank everyone for their hard work and donations that helped make this years’ VBS a huge success!  We had 140 children in attendance and over 40 helpers each day.  We learned that no matter what happens or what other people do, we can always TRUST GOD!  Our Mission project this year was to raise money for World Vision's Clean Water Project.  Roughly 1/6th of our world's population does not have access to clean drinking water...during VBS our children brought in $750.00 in offerings for this water project which will affect over 2,000 people!   




Some statements from our attendees and helpers:


*VBS to me is a place everyone is there to do the same thing—Learn about God!


*I liked VBS. I like the music, art and story time. I also am thankful for the helplers


*I learned to always trust God!


*VBS makes kids smile!


*VBS reaches out to the community.


*VBS is a great experience and give me the opportunity to interact with children. I am blessed to be able to participate!


*This gave me a week to look at God’s word through the eyes of the kids—you learn more than you expect and look at things in a new way!

I want to thank Pastor Joel and First Baptist for all the prayers, phone calls and acts of kindness during my most recent illness. Words cannot express what all those expressions meant. My recovery is going well and I will see all of you in Church soon. Thanks again!    Russ Testorff


We are thankful for the generosity and prayers of this congregation. We received pledges totaling $20,575 for the Sabbatical. To date, we have collected $18,200. God Bless each and every one of you.    Staff Relations/Sabbatical                Committee


A huge THANK YOU to those who helped with serving the ECKAN lunches last Tuesday. Those who assisted are: Marissa, Matthew & Melissa Ashwill; Emma, Rylee and Lori Catlin; Alex, Andrew & Christy Currier; Jeff Doolittle; Miriam Lemp; Morgan & Kay Regan. Your service will be remembered!


Please accept our sincere thanks for all the cards sent, thoughts and prayers offered on our behalf during the time of my heart surgery and recovery. I begin a four to six week Cardio Rehab regimen at LMH this week.  Your words of encouragement and many kindnesses have sustained us!  In Christian love,   Stanley and Alice Jo DeFries   

A special thank you to Alice Crawford, Shanta’ Kemp and Therese Payne for taking care of the Church office during my absence.  I really appreciate your willingness to keep things running smoothly. You’re the best!!!                                                                        Natalie Roberts


I would like to thank everyone who had a part in Ray’s service; the luncheon, visitation and graveside service. Thanks to Joel for reminding us he is just away and we’ll all be together again. I appreciated all the beautiful cards and calls. We love you all and ask God’s blessing for each and every one of our church family.                    Rose Marie Bingham & family

Dear First Baptist Church: We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation designated for Joplin High School. In these challenging times, it means the world to us to know that so many people are willing to help with the rebuild. On behalf of all the students, teachers and staff WE THANK YOU!    Sincerely, Joplin Missouri Schools


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”  Thank you for your continued food donations to our food pantry. Your help and support of our efforts to serve our community are greatly appreciated.   

Hope House


Dear First Baptist Church: We were pleased to receive your continued support of Green Lake Conference Center through your mission support. Your help allows us to provide a place for people to grow in Christ and become more fully devoted disciples. We hope your Church members will join us for one of our many conferences. We offer conferences for men, women, families, pastors, writers and musicians. Please know your gift will be used to produce and impact for Christ.

In Christ…..Ben Mott, President of Green Lake


Many thanks to all of you who prayed for my recovery from the eye infection. My church family is TOPS!!   Harma McKenzie


The AB Women’s Ministries would like to thank all who participated in the White Cross tree in January.  We were able to send $210 to Youngstown, OH. Neighborhood Ministries.


A huge thanks to all who provided monetary gifts, food items, time for set-up, serving and cleanup as well as their many talents to make Wednesday’s Spring Fling activity a HUGE success. We couldn’t have done it without you!                    Outreach Committee


A huge thank you to the members of the Samaritan Circle for the delicious and much needed lunch served to 20 Fr. Co. Habitat for Humanity volunteers on Feb. 11. First Baptist has partnered with Habitat for a number of years and your spiritual and financial support is greatly appreciated. 

          Fr. Co. Habitat for Humanity Board Members


As we count our blessings at the beginning of this new year, we rejoice in your continuing support in our work together in our region & denomination through United Missions. May God bless you as your church ministers in your community and joins other congregations to share the Good News around the world.  Shirley Fair, ABBCR Vision Team for Mission & Stewardship


Thank you for your gift to International Ministries for our support. Rita has to take a break from visiting churches this month because of her radiation treatment. We hope to be able to return to Congo this summer. Thank you for your partnership in Missions!

          Blessing,     Rita & Glen Chapman,


                     International Ministries-D.R. Congo    


We really appreciate First Baptist Church! Thank you so much for allowing the use of the church for our ‘Fritz and Friends’ concert. It is a lovely facility and we really enjoyed playing in the Sanctuary!

      Alice Joy Lewis & The Ottawa Suzuki Strings


“Giving is a true measure of love.” Hope House thanks you for your Outreach donation of money and food for our pantry. The money will be used to provide food and utilities for those in need this winter. Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.  Hope House


Dear friends & members of First Baptist Church,

I’m so grateful for all the notes of encouragement during my weeks and months of confinement. I don’t think I would have made it through otherwise. I’m not used to being confined like that. The visits and prayers of Rev. Joel were also most inspiring. I must also say the help of my children and good wife were lifesaving. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel so I may survive to be able to see you again.

 May God bless you all and love to all, Ray Schmidt



“Giving is a true measure of love.”

Hope House would like to thank First Baptist for the food donations. Your help in keeping our food pantry stocked is truly appreciated. Also thanks for your monetary assistance in repairing a client’s roof. Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated. HOPE HOUSE


Dear First Baptist,

Thank you for the generous gifts of toothpaste your congregation purchased for the children in USD 290. Having a healthy mouth and teeth helps children physically, socially, emotionally and academically. Thanks again for helping us empower the youth of Ottawa.              COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS


Dear First Baptist Members,

We would like to thank everyone who gave us monetary gifts and goodies during the Christmas season. We love our positions here at First Baptist and your heartfelt expression of appreciation reinforces what a wonderful group of people you are. Your Christian spirit, to further His Kingdom, makes this church a powerful community of faith. Thanks again. Joel, David, Melissa, Natalie, Gaynia & Edith

Dear First Baptist family,

Thank you for all your prayers and continued support. It has been a long journey for Brandon, Mandy, Caleb and Jude Pelton. You continued with us through Baby Jude’s ups and downs. Please keep praying for them as the family moves on. We praise the Lord for all of you.   Love,  Barry & Hope Pelton


“Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18

Hope House thanks you for the generous donation of $700 from the Penny Project proceeds and food. It’s great that our community works together to help those who are less fortunate.  God Bless, Hope House


Thanks to everyone who prayed, called, sent cards or visited me during my surgery and recovery. Mattie Willhite


First Baptist Church……Thank you for the floral tribute that was displayed at Jean’s visitation and service. Our church family is the best, bar none! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as the boys and I move forward. Thanks…..Rob McCally


I want to thank you for hosting the Chapman’s in your church while they were swinging through our area! I trust the time you spent with them was inspiring. Glen & Rita are two wonderful servants of God and deserve our prayer support!   Andy Currier


Dear Church Family and my God given family,

Thank you for your powerful prayers for me. I'm convinced they healed me before the doctors could pinpoint the cause of my problem.

May God bless you every one……Jessie Pratt



Thank you for all the prayers, cards and phone calls during my sister’s illness and death.        Love, Bev Hughes


The Outreach Committee wishes to thank everyone who made the Fall Festival a success. It was a fun day!


The Golf Outing in early October was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated. Following is how the day finished out: 1st Place: Dick & Sage Martin, John Higginbotham, Russ Testorff and Christie Currier; 2nd Place: Russ & Seth Cubbison, Don Currier and Kerry Toomey; 3rd Place: David Testorff, Laura & Abby Toomey and Andrew & Alex Currier. It was a great time of fellowship and enjoying the outdoors!

A huge thank you to all who participated on Oct. 9th at the CROP Walk (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty). Thank you to Chuck Crawford; Dawn, Meghan and Seth Cubbison; Grace Dowdy; Teresa Griffin; Jan Lee; Miriam Lemp and Laura Kuczmarski! First Baptist contributed $1,864.00 with Chuck raising $1,135.00. The Ottawa community raised almost $3,000.00. One-quarter of this amount will go to Hope House. Bless you!


Thanks: Hi there! I live at Lewis & Clark Village, MO and our community was impacted by the flooding of the Missouri river this summer. What a blessing it was to see the clean up buckets that were donated by the members of your congregation! I'm seriously tearing up as I type this (which is not like me) at the generosity shown to us by strangers! I'm a little off path in my spiritual walk right now (our minister left 2 years ago and things just haven't been the same at my home church), but it's reassuring to know that God's love prevails during this tough time. Thank you again from our whole neighborhood! You can’t imagine what a big help the cleaning supplies have been. Thanks Again! Tammy


Thanks for inviting me to share my music. As always, this was a very enriching opportunity. You are blessed to be among such a caring and generous community.  David Smart, Guitarist-Smartfrets!


Thanks to everyone for the many acts of kindness shown to me following my recent surgery. I am so blessed to be a member of this Church family!

                    God Bless you…. Vickie Alderson


A huge thank you to all who participated on Oct. 9th at the CROP Walk (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty). Thank you to Chuck Crawford; Dawn, Meghan and Seth Cubbison; Grace Dowdy; Teresa Griffin; Jan Lee; Miriam Lemp and Laura Kuczmarski! First Baptist contributed $1,864.00 with Chuck raising $1,135.00. The Ottawa community raised almost $3,000.00. One-quarter of this amount will go to Hope House. Bless you!

Dear First Baptist Church friends,

Teresa and I want to thank you for the prayers, telephone calls and cards while I was at Olathe Medical Center and Hoeger House when I fell and broke my hip. Thanks to Pastor Joel and Pastor Leon Nelson for their visits.  

Love and prayers…….Darlene & Teresa Griffin


Dear Friends,

“Giving is a true measure of love.”

Hope House would like to thank you for your generous donations of food, socks, underwear and financial support. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

                                    God Bless……. Hope House


Dear Friends at First Baptist Church,

Grace and Peace to you in the name of the Triune God.

I want to thank you for your faithful support of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Our mission is only possible because of friends like you.  Faithfully……Molly T. Marshall   


Dear Friends,

I would like to extend my appreciation to you for helping collect school supplies for our Resource and Readiness Fair. We were able to serve 265 students and familiarize their families with the resources that are available to them in our community. Thanks again for helping us to empower our youth to succeed.

Best wishes…..Communities in School