(Read in Unison) 

We acknowledge Christ as Lord and Saviour, believe that God confronts us in our daily lives and through the Scriptures, and recognize our constant need for spiritual renewal. Therefore, as members of First Baptist Church of Ottawa, Kansas, we resolve:

  • To participate with regularity in the worship services of our church.
  • To endeavor to grow in our Christian experience through regular Bible study and participation in the educational aspects of  our church life.
  • To provide for the spiritual growth of our families, our congregation, and those to whom we minister.
  • To make prayer and meditation a part of our daily lives.
  • To support the ministries of this church through sacrificial giving of the time, abilities, and financial resources with which God has blessed us.
  • To spread the gospel of reconciliation which Christ has accomplished by endeavoring to win all persons to the living faith which we share.
  • To seek to know God's will in the world, and to strive to do that will by ministering in love to the needs of others and by applying Christian principles to social problems.
  • To live together in Christian fellowship and to help one another think, speak, and act as Christians.
  • To share each others joys and endeavor with tenderness and sympathy to bear one another's burdens and sorrows.